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BigBrands Setup and General Information

Thank-you for buying my theme!

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BigBrands is an advanced Wordpress theme with a variety of configuration options and features - please make sure you are using at least Wordpress version 2.8.5 and PHP 5. In order to get full use of this theme it is important to review this documentation in full. If you have any questions regarding configuring this theme after looking over these docs feel free to email me.

The setup guide contains detailed instructions on configuring this theme from a fresh install of Wordpress exactly as it is in the demo. Although your install will most likely have lots of data and require additional minor modifications this will give you an idea of how the theme works (ie custom fields, page templates, options, etc...). It may help to create a fresh install of Wordpress and follow along with the setup step by step. Also hover over the camera icons to get helper images in each section.


Javascript Used

If you need help making changes to any of the javascript please contact me


If you need to modify the layout or styling of this theme you can edit the CSS files used. Currently I am using the following CSS files:

Included is a fully sliced and multi-layerd PSD file for the theme. If you need to make any image style changes such as the logo or background images open up the PSD file, change the color, and save the image for web. More complex customizations will require editing theme files (ie index.php, archives.php, etc...) and if you feel comfortable doing so go right ahead - otherwise feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to quote you a service price.



Custom Fields

This theme uses various custom fields - below describes each and how you should populate them


With the ability to import my default XML data I don't think its necessary to walk you through the setup from scratch. Please grab the XML export from here and I will provide additional details below on configuration from a base install + export.


Setup logo page

After import the default logo page should function as intended. Below is the process of how the images are displayed and how to add/edit them

Add new logo images to the grid
Edit images currently displayed
Remove an image used
portfolio gallery thumbnail

Setup web portfolio page

Add new images to web portfolio
Edit images currently displayed
Remove an image used
portfolio gallery thumbnail

Setup testimonials page

Setup Contact Page

Final Notes

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